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Holiday Hours

Please contact individual stores for hours


Sunday, 20th (10am–8pm)   Monday, 21st (9:30am–9:30pm)   Tuesday, 22nd (9:30–9:30pm)

Wednesday, 23rd (9:30am–9:30pm)   Thursday, 24th (Closed)   Friday, 25th (6am–10pm)

Saturday, 26th (7am–10pm)   Sunday, 27th (8am–10pm)   Monday, 28th (8am–10pm)

Tuesday, 29th (8am–10pm)   Wednesday, 30th (8am–10pm)


Thursday, 1st (8am–10pm)   Friday, 2nd (8am–10pm)   Saturday, 3rd (8am–11pm)

Sunday, 4th (8am–11pm)    Monday, 5th (8am–11pm)   Tuesday, 6th (8am–11pm)

Wednesday, 7th (8am – 11pm)   Thursday, 8th (8am–11pm)   Friday, 9th (8am–11pm)       

Saturday, 10th (8am–11pm)   Sunday, 11th (8am–11pm)   Monday, 12th (7am–11pm)

Tuesday, 13th (7am–11pm)   Wednesday, 14th (7am–11pm)   Thursday, 15th (7am–11pm)

Friday, 16th (7am–11pm)   Saturday, 17th (7am–11pm)   Sunday, 18th (7am–11pm)

Monday, 19th (7am–11pm)   Tuesday, 20th (7am–11pm)   Wednesday, 21st (7am–11pm)

Thursday, 22nd (7am–11pm)   Friday, 23rd (7am–11pm)   Saturday, 24th Christmas Eve (7am–6pm)

Sunday, 25th Christmas (Closed)   Monday, 26th (8am–9:30pm)   Tuesday, 27th (9:30am–9:30pm)

Wednesday, 28th (9:30am–9:30pm)   Thursday, 29th (9:30am–9:30pm)   Friday, 30th (9:30am–9:30pm)

Saturday, 31st New Years Eve (9:30–6pm)


Sunday, 1st New Years (9:30–7pm)   Monday, 2nd (9:30am–9:30pm)    Tuesday, 3rd (9:30am-9:30pm)

Wednesday, 4th (9:30am–9:30pm)   Thursday, 5th (9:30am–9:30pm)   Friday, 6th (9:30am–9:30pm)

Saturday, 7th (9:30am–9:30pm)   Sunday, 8th (12:30–5:30)

Monday, 9th Back to Regular Hours (10am–9pm)


Come see Santa at the Boone Mall free of charge! Everyone is encouraged to bring their own cameras. 
Please remember that Santa will be away feeding his reindeer from 3pm-4pm

Santa's Schedule

Friday 25th (11am-7pm)   Saturday 26th (11am-7pm)   Sunday 27th (11am-7pm)

Friday 2nd (11am-7pm)   Saturday 3rd (1pm-7pm)   Sunday 4th (11am-7pm)
Friday 9th (11am-7pm)   Saturday 10th (11am-7pm)   Sunday 11th (11am-7pm)
Friday 16th (11am-7pm)   Saturday 17th (11am-7pm)   Sunday 18th (11am-7pm)
Wednesday 21st (11am-7pm)   Thursday 22nd (11am-7pm)   Friday 23rd (11am-7pm)
Saturday 24th (11am-6pm)